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allergy-safe kitchen

Cooking at home is healthy for the soul, body and mind. 


Learn, cook and eat safely


Deact knows that living with food allergies can limit your dining options, but with guidance, education and an open mind, these limitations will feel less overwhelming. Thanks to our community filled with families, dietitians, chefs, doctors and non-profit organizations we can offer these great cooking books to make your life a little easier. 


Dairy-free living book


A guide to dairy-free substitutions. You'll learn what tools you need to make vegan milk recipes and how to keep your kitchen allergy free. With helpful charts comparing the texture, nutritional content, taste, and best use for each ingridient. 

Egg-Free Living book


A resource that has recipes for almost everything that commonly contains eggs, modified to egg-free perfection using only common ingredients found in most grocery stores.  It is the go-to resource for anyone who needs to live egg-free lifestyle. 

wheat-free living book


This healthy focused book is a practical guide to living a wheat-free life. Whether you're paleo, gluten-free, or even low-carb, this book provides an easy and simplistic approach to healthy eating, improving your quality of life while eating tasty new dishes. 


Peanut-free Living book


Peanut-free has never been this easy to cook for. This easy to follow cook book is filled with reaction-free recipes and tips on how to keep your kitchen safe from cross-contact. Discover delicious food you can make and eat with a peanut allergy. 

Tree Nut-free Living book


This book is a one-stop guide for quick and easy recipes that are both healthy and safe. This book contains tasty recipes for the whole day. It covers critical tips for grocery shopping for nut-free foods that will help make the right choices for your family

Soy-free living Book


Families can now cook Asian and vegan dishes  that are soy free. Say goodbye to soy sauce and tofu. This great cooking book will help you shop, cook and store meals that are safe and healthy for the whole family to enjoy with our worry. 


fish-free living book


It’s totally possible to replicate the taste, texture and flavor of any fish base dishes without the fish. After you have the right base, it’s all about the seasoning and the way you cook it. Learn all essential tips, facts and recipes on how to live a happy fish-free life. 

shellfish-free living book


This easy to follow cook book has a sheer variety of imaginative recipes that even classic seafood dishes aren't out of bounds for those living a shellfish-free lifestyle. Try a veggie or meat-only paella that is safe, healthy and super tasty.

Top Eight-free living book


This book is about learning about your allergy-free options. Deact believes that knowledge is power and knowing food can make your personal menu grow. You can be happy and healthy all while never feeling deprived about your dining options.